Membership fees for the year are $30.00 per person. Members are entitled to a lower fee on instructional programs such as fitness, language and art classes.

Most importantly, we want our members to always feel welcome. If you want some companionship and friendly conversation, just stop by and say hello.

If you would like to join the Centre, please click here to download a membership form. You can fill in the form and drop it off at the Centre at your convenience.

You can also update your membership online by clicking here.

Of course, membership forms are also available at the Centre so you can simply fill one out there or just pick one up.

*Please note that in order to view the form, you will need to have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. One of the most common ones is Adobe Reader. You can download it for free by clicking here.

Each form will open in a new window. This means, to return to the website, simply close the window that the form appears in.

In order to print any form, either click the printer icon at the top of the page (usually located top left while viewing a PDF) or select “File” and then “Print”.