Vaccination Presentation



Time: 11 am
Location: upstairs room

Sept. 11 Join us at 11:00 am or an informative presentation from Northway Pharmacy about  vaccinations.  Get to know  types  of vaccines; how a vaccine works; and evaluate the risks and benefits of vaccines.  Please register. $2.00/ 1 punch. Wed., Sept.11 at 11am.

Oct.16  The Centre will be running a flu shot clinic. Please register for an appointment time with the front desk. Come get your Flu shot at the Centre. Pneumonia vaccination is also                     available upon request.  Flu vaccines are a FREE service. Influenza (flu) viruses spread, through invisible droplets. It spreads from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes near another person.  Reduce your chances of getting the flu this year,     come and get your flu shot at the centre. Time: By appointment 11am-1pm. Wed.,Oct.16